What is the load and no-load of the generator? Hazards of no-load operation of diesel generator sets

What is a load? A device that converts electrical energy into other forms of energy is called a load. What is no-load? Diesel generator sets run without load machinery and equipment. Diesel genset load bank test It is tested and trained to demonstrate its overall stability and level of operation at full rated kw derived operation.
During the diesel generator set load detection period, key engine parameters should be monitored, such as: steam pressure, engine temperature, fuel pressure, etc. This reading is recorded to show that once the machine has reached its full rated load, it will be operating at normal operating temperature and working pressure.
Injury of diesel generator set running at no load
In addition, the diesel generator system allows long-term no-load operation during the regular health examination, and the no-load operation of the unit itself will also cause the following injuries:
1 Long-term no-load operation will make the gasoline ejected from the fuel injector of the diesel engine unable to be completely burned, resulting in carbon deposits, resulting in steam leakage from the valves and piston rings;
The sealing performance of the piston rod and the cylinder liner is not very good, the oil of the car runs up, and the combustion chamber is added to ignite, and the exhaust pipe emits blue smoke;
For the incremental oil engine, due to low load, no load, and low increased working pressure, it is easy to cause the actual effect of the supercharger frame seal (non-bell type) to be reduced, and the automobile oil escapes into the increase chamber. air inlet
Part of the car oil that goes up to the cylinder participates in ignition, and part of the car oil cannot be completely burned, and carbon deposits are formed on the valve, intake system, piston top, piston ring, etc., and some flow out with the exhaust pipe, so , the engine oil will gradually accumulate in the exhaust port of the cylinder liner, and carbon deposits will also be formed;
When the supercharger is increased, the car oil in the room accumulates to a certain extent, and water will leak from the joint surface of the supercharger;
Long-term high-load operation may cause more serious damage to the movable components, and the deterioration of the car engine’s fuel ring will lead to the early maintenance period.
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