50KW open type diesel generator yuchai engine YC4D90Z

The 50KW diesel generator set is powered by the high-quality diesel engine YC4D90Z, produced by Yuchai, and the products developed by digesting and absorbing the consulting results of famous European companies; using integral crankshaft, alloy cast iron body and cylinder head, small size, light weight and high reliability , the overhaul period is more than 12,000 hours; using No. I reinforced high-pressure oil pump, high fuel injection pressure and low fuel consumption; using Yuchai’s proprietary piston ring sealing technology to reduce lubricating oil digestion;

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Product Details:

Genset Model 50GF
Prime Power(kW) 50
voltage (V) 400/230
Current  (A) 90
Noise ≤102dB(A)
Speed (r/min) 1500
Frequency(Hz) 50
Rated power factor 0.8
Cylinder quantity-bore*stroke(mm) 4-152*180
Displacement(L) 4.21
Air intake mode turbocharged
Steady state voltage deviation (%) ≤±2.5
Transient voltage
deviation (%)
100% Sharp
reduction power
Sharp increase power ≤-20
Voltage recovery time (S) ≤1
Voltage unbalance degree(%) ≤1
Voltage modulation (%) 0.3
Frequency drop(%) ≤5
Steady state frequency band (%) ≤1.5
The relative frequency
adjusts the drop range (%)
Relative frequency
setting range of rise (%)
Transient frequency
deviation (%)
100% Sharp
reduction power
Sharp increase power ≤-10
Frequency recovery time (S) ≤5
Relative frequency tolerance band (%) 2
Phase and connection Three phase four wire
Start mode Dc 24V electric starting
voltage regulating mode Automatic
Cooling Closed, water cooled
Excitation way Brushless (AVR)
Engine modle YUCHAI YC4D90Z-D21
Alternator modle EvoTec 50kW
Weight (KG) 910
Set size(L*W*H)mm 1875*680*1070

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