30kW silent waterproof soundproof all copper brushless generator set

Product structure features:
1. The interior adopts special muffler material, and the built-in muffler makes the structure compact. Good ventilation structure.
2. The specially treated box is fully adapted to the requirements of all-weather use.
3. An observation window and a control instrument panel are set at the reasonable position of the box, which is convenient for observation and operation.
4. The specially set shock absorber makes the unit run quietly and smoothly.
5. Large capacity pedestal fuel tank eliminates installation and connection process.
6. The structure is compact and beautiful, safe and reliable, and the effect of low noise is obvious. 1M away from the unit: 80-85dB(A); 7M away from the unit: 70-75dB(A); 15M away from the unit: 60-65dB(A)

Additional information

Product Details:

Prime Power(kW) 30
voltage (V) 400/230
Current  (A) 54
Speed (r/min) 40/1500
Frequency(Hz) 50
Rated power factor 0.8
consumes electricity (L/h) 10
Steady state voltage deviation (%) ≤±2.5
Transient voltage
deviation (%)
100% Sharp
reduction power
Sharp increase power ≤-20
Voltage recovery time (S) ≤1
Voltage unbalance degree(%) ≤1
Voltage modulation (%) 0.3
Frequency drop(%) ≤5
Steady state frequency band (%) ≤1.5
The relative frequency
adjusts the drop range (%)
Relative frequency
setting range of rise (%)
Transient frequency
deviation (%)
100% Sharp
reduction power
Sharp increase power ≤-10
Frequency recovery time (S) ≤5
Relative frequency tolerance band % 2
Phase and connection Three phase four wire
Start mode Dc 24V electric starting
voltage regulating mode Automatic
Cooling Closed, water cooled
Excitation way Brushless (AVR)
Engine modle YUCHAI YC4D24TG0
Alternator modle EvoTec 30kW
Weight (KG) 580
Size(L*W*H)mm 1450*700*1100


Yuchai silent generator set is a new series of products developed by our company by introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology of low noise generator set. It is widely used in post and telecommunications, hotel buildings, entertainment places, hospitals, shopping malls, industrial and mining enterprises, scenic tourism holy places and other places with strict requirements on environmental noise, as a common or backup power supply.
In addition to the functions of the open diesel generator set, the product also has the following features: low noise, compact overall structure and small footprint; all boxes are detachable structures, the boxes are spliced ​​with steel plates, and the surface is sprayed with plastic. Handling, corrosion-resistant, rust-proof for a long time. At the same time, it has the functions of noise reduction and rainproof; the inside of the box is made of high-efficiency sound-absorbing materials and built-in large-scale impedance mufflers, which can effectively reduce exhaust noise. 8 hours of oil consumption), there are two quick-opening inspection doors on the left and right to facilitate unit troubleshooting; at the same time, there are observation windows and unit emergency shutdown fault buttons and control panels on the box to observe the operation of the unit and the operation of the unit. In the event of an emergency, stop the unit at the fastest speed to avoid damage to the unit.

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