Coup! the first time the emergency generator set starts, you must do these 5 things!


When using an emergency generator set for the first time, we need to make preparations in advance, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of the generator set. So what should we do before starting the emergency generator set? Zhengchai generator set manufacturers recommend the following:

  1. Check whether the protective facilities of the emergency generator set are complete and whether the operating environment meets the requirements.
  2. Check whether the lines and pipelines of the emergency generator set meet the standards.
  3. Check whether the fuel, oil, coolant, etc. of the emergency generator set are sufficient.
  4. Check whether the switch on the emergency generator set is in the correct position.
  5. Check whether the signal indicator of the emergency generator set is normal.
When using the emergency generator set for the first time, we must follow the standard procedures to prolong the service life of the generator set. If you encounter any problems during the start-up process, you should contact the factory staff in time, and do not operate in violation of regulations.
Emergency generator sets are often started at critical moments to provide people with emergency power support, which has very strict performance requirements for generator sets. Therefore, in order to ensure product quality, when we choose emergency generator sets, we must look for Zhengchai brand manufacturers.

As a manufacturer specializing in the development and production of emergency generator sets, Zhengchai has a complete industrial chain production experience and can provide users with efficient and satisfactory services.

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