550KW AC three-phase super silent open type diesel generator

The YC6TD840-D31 high-quality diesel engine produced by Yuchai is used as the power. The YC6TD series diesel engine is the ideal power for the 550kW generator set. The diesel engine is jointly designed and developed with famous European companies. The overall forged steel crankshaft and the high-quality alloy cast iron cylinder head are small in size and weight. Light, low vibration, low noise, high reliability; using four-valve technology, P nozzle, good atomization, full combustion, low fuel consumption; using Yuchai’s proprietary piston ring sealing technology and valve oil sealing technology to reduce lubrication consumption; assembly Electronic governor, smooth operation; low emissions.

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Product Details:

Genset Model 550GF
Prime Power(kW) 550
voltage (V) 400/230
Current  (A) 992
Noise ≤102dB(A)
Speed (r/min) 1500
Frequency(Hz) 50
Rated power factor 0.8
Cylinder quantity-bore*stroke(mm) 6-152*180
Displacement 19.598
Air intake mode turbocharged &intercooled
Steady state voltage deviation (%) ≤±2.5
Transient voltage
deviation (%)
100% Sharp
reduction power
Sharp increase power ≤-20
Voltage recovery time (S) ≤1
Voltage unbalance degree(%) ≤1
Voltage modulation (%) 0.3
Frequency drop(%) ≤5
Steady state frequency band (%) ≤1.5
The relative frequency
adjusts the drop range (%)
Relative frequency
setting range of rise (%)
Transient frequency
deviation (%)
100% Sharp
reduction power
Sharp increase power ≤-10
Frequency recovery time (S) ≤5
Relative frequency tolerance band % 2
Phase and connection Three phase four wire
Start mode Dc 24V electric starting
voltage regulating mode Automatic
Cooling Closed, water cooled
Excitation way Brushless (AVR)
Engine modle YUCHAI YC6TD840-D31
Alternator modle EvoTec 550kW
Weight (KG) 3700
Size(L*W*H)mm 3600*1250*1960


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