Yuchai becomes the Chinese power company with the highest market share in Vietnam

“Going both ways”

Craftsmanship of jade chai core wins customer trust
“Haiou Company is mainly engaged in the import of complete vehicles. For example, China’s Chenglong trucks are 100% equipped with Yuchai engines.” Qin Cheng, accessories manager of Yuchai’s Vietnam office, said that in 2022, Vietnam will import about 40,000 medium-duty trucks, using There are more than 10,000 Yuchai engines. As an agent for Chenglong trucks, Haiou Company imports about 5,000 trucks a year.

“Yuchai supplies many products related to automobiles and tractors to the Vietnamese market. The varieties are rich and the prices are moderate.” Ruan Wenwei, the after-sales business manager of the Xing’an 4S store of Vietnam Haiou Automobile Company, said that Yuchai’s service is very considerate and considerate. If there is any problem with the car, we can handle it We can provide help everywhere and solve customer problems in a timely manner. “Made in China” is diversified in the Vietnamese market, but Yuchai has a greater advantage and is deeply favored by Vietnamese consumers.

The cumulative sales of Yuchai engines in the Vietnamese market exceed 150,000 units. In 2023, the export market share of tractors and medium- and heavy-duty dump/cargo trucks equipped with Yuchai machines in Vietnam exceeded 36%, ranking first in the industry. Yuchai air compressors, drilling rigs, wheel diggers, and loader power are increasingly favored by local users in Vietnam, with sales increasing by 132% year-on-year in 2023. Vietnam will have a power shortage in mid-2023, which will have a major impact on local factory production and residents’ lives. Yuchai VTD and VC high-power generator sets serve Vietnamese factories, providing a strong guarantee for the company’s production operations; Yuchai’s generator set exports continue to grow, in 2023 So far this year, sales have increased by 321%.

Yuchai has built 3 parts center warehouses and 21 first-level service stations in Vietnam, covering the entire territory of Vietnam, ensuring the after-sales service and accessories needs of Yuchai’s full range of products in the Vietnamese market, providing high-quality services to Vietnamese users, and strongly supporting Vietnam. Manufacturing development.

In the fierce international competition, Yuchai continues to gain favor from overseas markets. Behind this is the continuous rise of Chinese manufacturing and the continuous warming of economic and trade relations between China and Vietnam. “Vietnam is Yuchai’s largest overseas market. Relying on the opportunities of the ‘Belt and Road’ construction, Yuchai will further focus on new potential markets and market segments, expand deeper and wider cooperation, accelerate brand landing and improve international competitiveness. , committed to becoming a corporate model for building a China-ASEAN community with a shared future.” said Wang Limin, Vice President of Yuchai Co., Ltd.

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