Some common sense when using diesel generator sets:

  1. Overload problem.
    For example, if you need a 100KW machine, just buy a 100KW standby power diesel generator set. Regular overload operation is very detrimental to the operation of the generator set.
  2. Poor heat dissipation problem.
    Because of environmental factors, the engine fan cannot blow away the heat from the water tank, causing the water temperature to rise. As a result, the temperature of the lubricating oil also rises, resulting in insufficient oil pressure and poor lubrication. It can cause damage to moving parts such as cylinders, pistons, and bearings, affecting the normal operation of the engine.
  3. Maintenance issues.
    Failure to perform maintenance on time will result in excessive dirt, reduced viscosity of the engine oil, clogged filters, insufficient lubrication, and damage and damage to moving parts, leading to major machine failures. Diesel quality problems can also lead to clogged diesel filters, poor oil supply, and insufficient machine load. For example, if the machine is first operated for 50 hours for the first maintenance, the engine oil, oil filter, and diesel filter must be replaced every 200 hours. Check the air filter regularly when the environment is dusty. If there is a problem, replace it immediately.
  4. Staffing issues.
    No matter how good the machine or the equipment is, if the person responsible does not take care of it, the life of the machine will not be long. It is also very important to check the machine during startup and check regularly during operation. It is also very important to keep inspection records. This part is the most important of all.
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