How to maintain the Yuchai generator set in winter?


The weather has gradually turned cooler, and it is very important to maintain a diesel generator set after entering the winter. After all, the price of a generator set is high, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. If it is not properly maintained, it will lead to unpredictable consequences. Therefore, the Guangxi Zhengchai generator set once again announced the measures of “how to maintain diesel generator sets in winter”. Let you have a worry-free winter!

Level 1 technical maintenance: (50-80 hours) increase in the content of daily maintenance

1. Clean the air filter and replace it if necessary;

2. Replace the diesel filter, air filter, and water filter;

3. Check the tension of the transmission belt;

4. Add lubricating oil to all oil nozzles and lubricating parts;

5. Replace the cooling water

Secondary technical maintenance: (250-300 hours) increase in the content of daily maintenance and primary maintenance

1. Clean the piston, piston pin, cylinder liner, piston ring, connecting rod bearing and check the wear condition;

2. Check whether the inner and outer rings of the rolling main bearing are loose;

3. Remove the scale and sediment in the cooling water system channel;

4. Remove the carbon deposits in the cylinder combustion chamber and the intake and exhaust ports;

5. Check the wear and tear of valves, valve seats, pushrods, and rocker arms, and make grinding adjustments;

6. Clean the carbon deposits on the rotor of the turbocharger, check the wear of the bearings and impellers, and repair them if necessary;

7. Check whether the bolts of the generator and diesel engine connectors are loose and slippery. If any problems are found, they should be repaired.

Three-level technical maintenance: (500-1000 hours) increase the content of daily maintenance, first-level maintenance, and second-level maintenance

1. Check and adjust the fuel injection angle;

2. Clean the fuel tank;

3. Clean the oil pan;

4. Check the atomization of the fuel injector

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