How to identify the model of diesel generator set.

How to identify the model of diesel generator set

In order to facilitate production management and use, national standards have unified regulations on the model preparation method of diesel generator sets. The unit model arrangement and symbol meanings are as follows:

  1. The rated power (KW) output by the unit is expressed in numbers.
  2. Type of output current of the unit: G—AC power frequency; P—AC intermediate frequency; S—AC dual frequency; Z DC.
  3. Type of unit: F – land use; FC – marine use; Q – automobile power station; T – trailer (trailer).
  4. The control characteristics of the unit: manual (ordinary type) if the position is missing; Z-automation; S-low noise; SZ-low noise automation.
  5. Design serial number, represented by numbers.
  6. Variation code, represented by numbers.
  7. Environmental characteristics: Absence is ordinary type; TH-humid tropical type.

Note: Some diesel generator series models have different meanings from the above models, especially imported or jointly produced diesel generator sets, which are determined by the unit manufacturer.

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